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My mom

by Irais Ignacio from Xalapa in Mexico

My hero is my mom.Her name is Oralia Velázquez Jiménez.She is 51 years old.My mom studied to be a public account.My mom is a teacher her subjects are; accounting and human recourses.She has 2 children, my brother Ivanis 18 years old and me 11 years old, My dad name is Eloy, he's an engineer and our loving pet, is a cat, her name is Tyra, we all spoiled her.

I think that  my mom is different because she is incredible, always trying to help everyone else, particularly her students and family, She also helps adolescents at work. My mom helps other people because she feels satisfaction in being able to help others.

When she was 6 or 7 years old she wanted to study law but that career was not available in her city and she couldn't afford moving to a different city with this profession. So, she became a very successful teacher.

name of student:Irais Ignacio Velázquez.

Grade:5 grade  Age:11.

Name of school:Crafts,English workshops certification.


Teacher:Guillermo O Lajud

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