My Mom, My Hero

by Morsala Asgharzadeh from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

My mom is a midwife and she works with people who have HIV and AIDS. When the coronavirus reached our country, most of the people who worked stayed home, or they just went on special days. But my mother was not off, and her work’s hours got more. I am so proud of my mom, because she works in a hospital and she also takes care of me and pays attention to me, even when she is tired.

So she is my hero, because she saves so many people’s lives and she is my very very great mom. I should really appreciate her for everything. I can’t modify her kindness and greatness. Even when we had online classes and sometimes my internet got disconnected, she recorded the class and took it home for me. She is famous for her patience and also she is famous for having rescued so many people’s lives. Also she did so many things that a person needs to be brave to do them. So let’s talk about her bravery. She works in a hospital as I said, and she has some patients that have AIDS or HIV, and plus that, they sometimes have coronavirus.

Heroes always shouldn’t be imaginary people like Batman or Superman. It can be normal people with big hearts, like my mom. Some people think heroes always are those who have magic powers. That is not true, always people with magic powers aren’t the best. My mom doesn’t have any magic power. But she is better than one thousand imaginary magic people. I have bothered her so much until now, but I want to say it right here that "I really love you mom and I kiss your hands from here. Thanks for everything." 

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