Essays on the Theme of Heroism

My Mother

by Mariama Trawally from Banjul in Gambia

My mother, my hero,

The reason why I chose her to be my hero is because she is herd working, loving, caring and a kindhearted mother. My mother spends most of her time working as a gardener during the dry season and at the "Faros" in the rainy season. All this hard work done by her is making living for the family and paying our school fees. She always advises me to respect people at any level in order to gain dignity, and she also keeps telling me in every situation I may find myself, let me not give up on myself and be content with whatever I may find on my way. She taught me to be a religious, righteous, faithful person in any difficulty I may come across on my way, as life is full of surprises.

The best love is the love of a mother to her child. There is nothing that can make her change as my mother, even if the whole world turns their back to you and abandons you, I will still stand by you and accept you as my mother no matter what the situation may be. There is no child who can pay her mother because she carries you in her womb for nine months and takes care of you till you became something in life that is admirable. My mother, my everything. God bless you abundantly, mother.


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