My mother

by Darik King from Stafford, Virginia in United States


The definition of a hero varies from person to person. Some people think that what makes a hero is based on how brave they are or how courageous they are. And while that is true, to me what makes a hero is someone who isn’t afraid to put others needs before their own. And to me, the only person that comes to mind when I say this is my mother. My mother is a hero because of her patience, her selflessness, and her unconditional love.


147599Classroom ActivitiesChevonne KingMy mother has been a teacher for about thirteen years now. She has worked in a variety of different classrooms from teaching kids in regular classrooms, kids with learning disabilities, and kids with autism. Through the years, she has had to learn a lot about patience and how to be patient. She has had her patience be tested countless amounts of times. Currently, my mom is teaching kids who have Autism and struggle with social and behavior skills. This year has been her most challenging yet as a teacher because of some of her kids. The kids that she teaches now have lots of trouble with behavioral skills. So my mom has to be patient all day, and has to say the right thing at the right place and at the right time so that she doesn’t ruin her kids' day. Having patience all day with students who don’t even pay attention most of the time and coming home to a fifteen year old, and having to be patient with him takes a lot of work. 


147518SelfieChevonne KingAnother thing that I admire in my mother is her selflessness. My mother is always concerned about the needs of other people, even if they aren't always concerned for hers. She makes sure that when someone is having a bad day or is feeling down to ask them what’s wrong and if there is anything to do to help them. She always goes above and beyond for the people that she loves and cares about, even if it means that she has to put her own personal needs aside, and she doesn’t complain about it either. Even though some people might not do the same for her, my mother will always put others before herself, and that is what I admire the most about her.  For example, last year I wasn't doing so well in math and I didn't know what I could do to improve my grade and my mom saw that. She helped me come up with a plan on what to do to help me improve my math grade. 


The last trait that makes my mom a hero is her unconditional love for me. As a mother, my mom wants nothing but the best for me and for me to be happy. My mom always supports me when I’m right and even when I make mistakes. Even when I make mistakes, my mom will always love me, even when I am in the wrong. One time my mother said “No matter what, I’ll always be there for you”, and that made me feel safe. Knowing that my mom will always be here for me no matter what, will always have a special place in my heart. 


The definition of a hero and what makes one can be different for everyone. But for me, my mother is the definition of a true hero. Her patience with others, her selflessness and always looking out for the needs of people, and her unconditional love, is what makes her a true hero.


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