by Khady GUEYE from Dakar


Eyes closed and my mind is on you
You who loved me
And who gave and gave, again and again
And I took and took as if it was owed.

Due to your presence I have known happy days
Let me say it. You are an exceptional mother

You are as bright as the sun
Tender as the moon
Beautiful like morning dew
Solid as forest trees
Yet so delicate like a snowflake

You look like a rose that never fades
My mother, you are simply magic 



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Author Info

Khady Gueye is a student in El hadji Ibrahima Thiaw college of Parcelles Assainies, Dakar. She writes short inspirational poems that are deep and significant of her condition as a fatherless child. She lives with her mother in Parcelles and has written a number of poems on themes like hope, love, environment and the like.

She is 16 years old and is in form four.