Heroes Hero

My mum

by Katarina from Ljubljana in Slovenia

A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. <3


So this is a story about my hero. For me is very personal, so i do not want to reveal my identity.  I am from Slovenia so maybe some sentences are not constructed right. This is actually my school work for English class and i am happy that i decided to do this.

When i started working on this project called My Hero the first thing that i had to think about was what a hero means. My definition of a hero goes like this: A hero is someone who has a special meaning to each person and they impact their life and make it somehow better. A hero usually achieves something in their life and that is the reason why he is admired by someone.

 When i thought about this i did not have to think a lot about who my hero is. The answer just came out of me: my mum. I have not told her this yet because i would feel kind of embarrassed. I really do not know why. That is just the way i am. When she tells me that she loves me, i do not say anything, i just hug her. That is something that i have to work on. I know that she knows that i feel the same way, but it is nicer if she hears that.

When i heard the word hero i thought of these words: amazing, ambitious, careful, independent and brave. That is my mum. Maybe not so brave but she is very strong. She did not achieve a medal or something else. The biggest achievements in her life are her kids. So me and my sister. She was really trying to have kids all her life and she did it. All of her hard work was paid and now she has two daughters. She had me when she was 40 years old and our age difference is big. Maybe that is the reason why we understand each other more and more every day. When i was younger i could not tell her things that i tell her now. I was not so close to her. Now we sometimes go for coffee and chat for 3 hours. If you ask me what are we talking about i cannot tell you because i just enjoy when we talk and forget about other things. She has been taking care of me since i was born. She had a lot of work with me because i was sick when i was really small, a lot, and she was always with me, and i was always with her. Even when she went to the meetings for my sister i was there and a fun fact is that all the teachers in primary school remembered me! Because of me she was nervous all the time. Twice i just lay unconscious and i cannot imagine how did she feel back then. We went to the church every week and when May came, every day there were stories about God or stories connected with faith. We went there every day in May and we played a game. She put her finger on my hand and started doing circles and during this she said something about the mouse who is cooking for her children and she had five of them (five fingers). And she gave the food to four of them and the fifth did not get the food.(This is just a game and i did not know how to explain it in English)

Now that i am older we do not play games anymore. But we talk a lot. She always puts her children before her. She always buys things for me and my sister and nothing for herself. I play the violin and she did not buy me the ones which are cheap and not good for playing. She rather gave more money and bought me a quality violin and the equipment for the violin too. Two years ago i really wanted a guitar and i got it. And this year i got a electric keyboard which looks like a piano. When she told me she is gonna get me one i cried because that was my big wish and it came true. She really supports me in school and music school. Without her i would not go to music school at all because my dad thinks that this is just a waste of money and time. But she really does whatever is in her power to make me feel happy. This year she drives me to Vrhnika because i play in orchestra there and that is quite far from my home but she does this anyway. Just to make me happy. I really do not know how would it be if i would not have a mother like she is. The thing is that my dad does not really pay a lot of attention ton his kids and i could not imagine being without my mother.

We argue of course, sometimes every day. We just did. But no matter what, she loves me and even if she is so angry to me she just wants the best for me. Sometimes she is so angry that i start laughing and then we both laugh and everything is okay.  She is a very important person to me and i hope that we will still have a lot of amazing moments together and i remember exactly every one that we already had.

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