My Mum and Dad

by Robyn Logan from United Kingdom

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My heroes are my mum and dad. They are my heroes because they have helped me and my siblings so much when we were in lock down. Throughout lock down they helped me and my siblings, my grandparents and even people at work.

My mum is one of my heroes because she works in the doctors' surgery. She helps people get their medication if they have health issues and other problems. She is also very helpful to all of the elderly on Islay because she books doctor's appointments for them. My mum is a very good home learning teacher because she is very patient. She is the best mum I could ever ask for because she always answers the phone when I am out, and if I ever need her, she is always there to give me a helping hand. When my mum is at work, she allows me to phone her if I need help if my dad is not available. She makes me feel happy when I am upset. My mum is the best. 

My dad is one of my heroes because he works in a distillery. The distilleries teamed up with the Spirited Soap Shop and made hand sanitiser and gave every house on the island bottles of free hand sanitiser. Also my dad is always there for me and my siblings when we need help. Along with my mum, my dad was there for me and my siblings to keep us safe, and he really wanted to help with home learning, when we had to do it. When we were in lock down my dad went up to my grandparents' house and got their shopping and helped my pops around their house if my nanna could not do it. So that is why my dad is one of my heroes. He makes me happy all of the time when I feel upset. My dad is the best. 

My heroes are my mum and dad because they are so loving, caring, helpful and patient. They are my favorite people on this earth. 

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