My Teachers

by Muhammad Tulha from Pakistan


Topic: My Hero


Envisage a situation in your mind where people only recognize their ideals either by their successful journey or by their names; despite this, they should remember the personalities by the name of architects who had built their future. Can you guess which respectful personality I am talking about? Definitely, the only respectful role which deserves an honor is the role of teachers.

As an antithesis, I am acquainted with the thought that you have in your minds about the significance of the rest of the roles; although engineers, doctors, pilots and other professions work for our nation but if teachers didn’t exist, humanity would be left futile behind their dreams.

Evidently, when there was an outbreak of a disease in Germany, Hitler promulgated that all the teaching staff should be preserved because if we save our architects (teachers), the nation can be rebuilt again. Similarly, teachers are not the king; on the contrary, they train you to rule the world in the future.

Additionally, my mother is also a teacher. I am an eyewitness that the enduring effort she makes to prepare her lesson plans is really breathtaking. Her motive shows that teachers are not only responsible for the wages or time utilization; instead, they are inquisitive about the youth’s future. Hence, a teacher provides the best example of honesty and passion.

In my opinion, most people prefer that everyone is not perfect, but teachers should be recognized as superheroes because they are multitasking. Despite a hectic schedule throughout the day, they always give a glimpse of a smile to their students. Furthermore, they are caretakers at home and teachers at school, yet they are always found ecstatic.

          Teachers are as similar as our parents, because, when the exam approaches, their spine-tingling gut feelings are literally crestfallen. As a result, the candidates score marvelously in their exams, which shows the endurance of teachers. In conclusion, teachers and parents literally observe every phase of life meticulously and always give us the best recommendation. May Allah Almighty give our teachers a long life


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