my trans friends

by Oliver Wilcox from Rutland in United Kingdom

my friend once told me:

"it was as I sat in my darkened room that I was joined by the other:

He sat besides me on my confused grey bed, encasing me in his sturdy arms,

and as I stared upon his pain filled eyes I realised they were mine,

my pain,my shade of sinful green, my conflicted thoughts, 

my eyes looked back at me,

and seeing myself in those hurt eyes, I had to look away,

not bearing to see my own pitiful form in his eyes that matched mine perfectly,

and as the thoughts returned, a pain in the chest, a poison in my veins,

like "the sinful poison" that I needed in my body,

the evil that "went against biology",

like the pain of hiding my chest, a sharp sting that I could take no longer,

and as I asked him who he was, he smiled at me sadly and pulled me close,

"I am nothing, yet your everything, I am who you will become",

he whispered as tears slid down our faces, 

his arms pulled mine around him, my arms circled around myself,

and for the first time, I felt right, I felt complete.

In the dark of my room  found myself."

And for that, I told him he was so strong, I am so thankful for having such a brave hero. 

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