Dr. Norman Isaacs

by Steve from Sherman Oaks

Dr. Isaacs continues to be many things to a variety of people. He continues to be an inspiration to me with his endless devotion to a quality educational program at our school. He really does make everyone feel like it is, indeed, “our school” by the way he includes everyone in his plans and decisions regarding students. For example, Dr. Isaacs keeps his office door open and invites people in to discuss anything and everything! Dr. Isaacs makes Millikan a truly “marvelous“ place to work.

When a visitor comes to Millikan, Dr. Isaacs takes it upon himself to drop what he is doing and talk. Be careful though, he might escort you on a lengthy personal tour of the entire campus! It is obvious that he enjoys the students by the friendly way he greets everyone individually every chance he gets. He has a broad smile and demonstrates that the most important thing, above all else, is the well-being of his students and staff.

But it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Isaacs supports a wide range of programs and opportunities for his staff and students. There is a constant stress for excellence in academic performance. He helps the staff to provide advanced studies for qualified students. Programs for remediation, special education and English language development are foremost in the overall program of the school. There are many after school and extracurricular activities in progress at all times.

In general, Dr. Isaacs cares with all his heart and spirit for the school. This shows on a daily basis. The school atmosphere is one where the student feels a welcomed part. It is friendly, artistic and there is a feeling of safety.

I admire the endless amount of energy that Dr. Isaacs brings with him to Millikan everyday. He makes me want to improve my own behavior and skill level. I feel like I can continue to grow in this environment and with his guidance. He is a true hero!

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