Nana Ouyang

by Katherine Song from Maryland

139367Nana OuyangGEM_Ady (GEM_brilliant) / CC BY ( Ouyang. My hero. My superstar. Above all, my mentor. Well, let's get to know Nana better. Nana is a renowned actress, cellist, and model, predominantly in China. She has appeared in many films, namely, Beijing Love Story, To the Fore, Mission Milano, Beautiful Accident, Secret Fruit, and Bleeding Steel (played alongside mega star Jackie Chan). Aside from acting and modeling, Nana first rocketed to fame with the help of her impeccable cello playing skills. People might say the cause of her fame was due to her beauty, or just pure luck. But no. There was something she had yet others lacked. And that was her willpower, perseverance, and most importantly, her optimism. For that reason, she mesmerized many people, including me. However, what do these three components have to do with her success? Well, she never. Gave. Up. Although she would encounter many setbacks through her amateur years, she would stand back up. Nothing would stop her from pursuing her dreams. Like Nana always says: The Dream is Real. These words truly reverberate in my mind and have so so so much meaning to me. I hope this angel, Nana Ouyang, could inspire you like she inspired me, serving as an eminent part of my life!

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