Narjes Khanalizadeh

by NARJES KHANALIZADEH from Lahijan in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

The coronavirus has spread to many countries and killed many people.
The Secretary-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the cause of disease, which is caused by the coronavirus, has reached the global epidemic stage.

And more than a million people have been infected with the virus so far, and thousands more have died.
And it has also changed the lifestyle of human beings entered a period that is very different from before. Perhaps after this crisis, the world can be divided before and after corona.

The outbreak of coronavirus has become a threat to the general public and health care personnel, as well as to medical staff around the world.
Unfortunately, health care workers are more likely to be harmed due to their close and effective communication with patients.

These days, whenever there is talk of corona, we are less aware of those who die for the health of you and me, and that means being a hero.
In these days when many of us are tired of spending leisure time with our families, these are the nurses who have been dreaming of seeing their children for weeks.

Nursing staff, in which it is impossible to beat the pulse of life in hospitals without them, now record inflammatory days in the life calendar, days when their identities only make sense in uniform.

One of the nurses is the heroic Narjes Khanalizadeh, who writes in one of her writings that the emergency room of Imam Khomeini hospital is a place where from a person who could not bear to see a fracture, it made a person whose best patient is a patient who has a fracture.
From someone who was depressed to see the blood, she made a person who was the first person to put an aortic aneurysm into CPR.

This nurse is my hero.
From the beginning of the corona crisis, this nurse oath she took with all the defects in the equipment and facilities with all the nursing jobs of the patients, maybe she was coughing, maybe she was tired, but she fights for everyone.

One of her friends said: When I put her in ICU, I told her, "I am taking this photo to laugh together these days until you are well." But, we could not laugh together again.


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