Naruto Uzamaki

by Anime 4life

Naruto is a Hero to me because he has helped many people, even his friend Sasuke Uchiha who tried to kill Naruto! But even though Naruto was almost killed he has the Nine-Tails within him and why is the Nine-Tails important? EASY...... the Nine-Tails is important because in the future Naruto has to fight a powerful enemy and the Nine-Tails is a very strong beast that can destroy mountains with only its tail! so Naruto takes the power of the Nine-Tails and uses it to fight Sasuke. Naruto has never killed anybody and has saved over 30 people or more!. Later Naruto and Sasuke have to fight this powerful being called Madara and Naruto and Sasuke can barely beat him but then Madara became Lady Kaguya!

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