by Lana from Slovenia

"We are all bloody inspired."


121706google images hero is Newt. He is a fictional character from a science fiction book and movie series called The maze runner. He had a tragic life. His parent were killed when he was little and he and his sister Lizzy were taken away from home by agents of W.I.C.K.E.D.(World In Catastrophe: Killzone  Experiment Department). Those agents were searching for people who are immune to The Flare. This is a virus which was invented by Katey McVoy, a scientists who wanted to invent something that would kill people fast and painlessly, because there was not enough food to feed all people due to scorching Sun Flares that had been damaging the Earth leaving many deserts. But instead of that she created a horrific virus that slowly eats away the brain, eventually turning its victims into bloodthirsty and irrational humans who consider cannibalism an everyday objective. They realized that virus was far more dangerous than they expected and that they had a worldwide crisis on their hands. The world was in desperate need of a cure, because the virus was spreading airborne and very fast, killing a lot of the population. So they started looking for people who were immune to this disease so they could study how their brain resisted the virus. There was less than 1% of people who were immune, all under the age of twenty and so was Newt's sister Lizzy. They took her for testing but they also took Newt, even if he wasn't immune so his could be a comparison to the ones that were immune. Those kids were raised in laboratories being always observed by scientist and under high control of security guards. At some point their memories were wiped and they were sent in a test called The maze made by W.I.C.K.E.D. Newt was sent in a different maze than his sister. There were only boys in his maze and the only thing they remembered from the life before was their name. Their mission was to come out of the maze, which wasn't that easy. Many kids died in the maze before Thomas and Minho who were close friends with Newt found a way out. They thought they were finally safe when got out of the maze, but scientist weren't able to find a cure so they wanted to do more tests and torturing on them. Newt, Thomas, Minho and a few others started to resist because it wasn't right to treat kids like that and even erasing their memories. At the end Newt got ill by that virus and died, but Thomas and Minho still managed to save around two hundred of immune people and started a new life somewhere far away where the flares hadn't damaged the land.

121708google images is my hero. He was a seventeen year old with messy blonde hair and a strong British or Scottish accent. He was kinder than most of the people and a loyal friend. He would risk his life for his friends. I like his boldness and will to do what is right. I consider him as my hero because I can't imagine somebody killing my parents in front of me and then separating the only family member I have left away from me. He fought for what he thought it was right, but was unfortunately not able to await the end of it. For me he was and is a true hero and he didn't deserve that kind of ending.

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