Nikola Tesla - The Man Who Invented the 20th Century

by Pranav Kambhampati from San Diego, California in United States

134008Nikola TeslaUnknown author / [Public Domain]Tesla Acknowledged by TIME MagazineImage of Tesla: Keystone. Rest of cover: TIME Magazine. / [Public Domain]Nikola Tesla is a true hero because of the breakthroughs he made in science using his innovative mindset and the commitment he had toward his work, allowing him to jump over many obstacles put in his way. Tesla was a man who focused on helping other people through his innovations in science. His goal was never to get rich or ascend through the social pyramid. His only goal was to help others live a more convenient life. Tesla achieved his goals through his intelligence. Tesla revolutionized how electricity was delivered to customers because now, the electricity traveled directly to the homes of customers rather than to local generators. Tesla’s commitment is another heroic trait because of the many obstacles he was able to overcome. When many years' worth of research had been lost, Tesla did not stop inventing. Instead, Tesla continues to invent and doing what he loves so he can follow his commitments. Tesla possesses heroic traits such as intelligence and commitment which inspire other people regularly. Tesla originated from a small village in present-day Croatia. However, even with such humble origins, Tesla has managed to reach great heights by working hard. Tesla inspires me because he showed me that hard work pays off. One event in my life where hard work paid off was when I was trying out for the tennis team. With everyone spreading rumors that it would be hard to make it onto the team, I knew that many players better than me had a much better chance of joining the Del Norte Tennis Team. However, keeping Tesla in mind and how he worked hard to achieve his goals inspired me to work hard as well. In the end, after months of practice, I achieved my goal of making JV tennis team - just like Tesla did even when he knew that there were many more well-established people all around the world, such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi, and many others who could rival him in inventing. ack at what Charles Harper said there's a short supply of heroes in the modern world: but it seems people are forgetting heroes such as Tesla who revolutionized the way that people lived. Tesla is one of those people who left a footprint that was deeper than it was bigger, meaning, while his actions might have gone unnoticed, his work still had a great impact on our way of life. Through his work and actions, Tesla is a hero that is overlooked - definitely by Harper, however, without his inventions, our way of life would have been much more different.

134010Generators at Tesla's Niagra Falls Power PlantWorks of the Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Company / [Public Domain]

134013Tesla's Wireless Communications TowerNew York American /[Public Domain]

134016Tesla Acknowledged by TIME MagazineImage of Tesla: Keystone. Rest of cover: TIME Magazine. / [Public Domain]

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