Nile Kinnick

by Connor Andres from Ankeny, Iowa in United States

Nile Kinnick was a student at the university of Iowa studying law. As a student he also played football as a part of their division one program in the 1930's. During this time the Natzi's were starting peak World War two and the United States needed more soldiers. Nile decided instead of declaring for the NFL draft and persuing his law degree, he would join the fight in World War two and serve his country. Nile's response to the Natzi's injustice was to leave his life behind and abandon everyone he loved, to fight for justice. Nile had no part in fighting in World War two but he recognized the real world problem and stepped in to help his country and many others. I admire Nile's hard work and dedication to help the real world injustice even though it was not his problem to deal with he helped any ways. Nile was dedicated to helping the fight so much so that he lost his life in battle serving his country. Nile represents someone who responds to injustice by scarifying his own perfect life to help the fight for others one in which he has no part in. At the time of Nile's death he was focusing on becoming a lawyer but also a politician to help his community. He passed away before he was able to fulfill his dreams.

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