Ade Dwi Adiputra Novrianto

by MANDIRI SMA Kristen Petra 2

My name is Ade Dwi Adiputra Novrianto. I was born in Surabaya on 27 November. I am a Christian of Indonesian nationality.

I really like playing basketball and reading. My favorite subjects in school are Physics and Mathematics. My parents are Kindra Sudjaja dan Natalia Milly Ekawati. I am currently a student. I graduated from Taman Harapan Kindergarten Surabaya in 1994. I graduated from Vita Primary School Surabaya in 2000 as the top graduating student of the year. In 2003 I graduated from Petra 3 Christian Secondary School Surabaya as one of the top 10 students of the year.

Currently, I am studying at Petra 2 Christian Senior High School Surabaya. I was the champion of the National Competition of Technical Research, which was held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in 2002. Recently in June 2004, I was chosen as the best student researcher in a national competition, which was also held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. And also, in August 2004, I was chosen as one of the students to join the “International Exhibition for Young Inventors” in Japan, which was held by JIII (Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation).

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