Ocean Stewards and Eco Heroes of Orange County

Subject: Oceans!  This model environmental science curriculum is K-12 Common Core aligned and based on the partnership of many ocean conservation organizations. Each sub category includes short films and lessons with suggested age levels. Teachers Resource Guide included.

Kelp Forest

The Kelp Lady

Producer: Anabelle Vo
The Kelp Lady features marine biologist Nancy Caruso.

Marine Protected Areas

Digital Fishing on Citizen Science Cruise

Producer: One World One Ocean
Exploring marine Protected Areas and learning about marine science with the Crystal Cove Alliance.

South Coast Marine Protected Areas: Humans and Nature Together

Producer: Andrew Cohen / Aquarium of the Pacific
Comprehensive and informative look at the significance of Marine Protected Areas.

Laguna Bluebelt Marine Protected Areas - Excerpt

Producer: Produced by: Laguna Bluebelt Coalition / Directed by: Jeff Vasquez
The Laguna Bluebelt Coalition brings together organizations and individuals with a common goal of protecting and restoring marine life, conserving biological diversity and maintaining healthy, sustainable marine habitats for all plant, fish and animal species.


Tidepool Scene

Producer: Barnstormer Productions
Life in a tidepool.

Water Conservation


Producer: Evan Marks
Surfers, Rob Machado and Evan Marks, install a rain tank and show how easy it is conserve our depleting water supply by watering your yard with rainwater.

Marine Debris

OCEAN DEFENDERS ALLIANCE / Isla Coronado Ghost Net - Excerpt

Producer: WalterMarti
Removing a ghost net from the sea.

Pacific Marine Mammal Education

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Producer: Producers Amy Sabreen, Roddy Tabatabai and John McCarthy
The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates, releases marine mammals and inspires ocean stewardship through research, education and collaboration.

Global Ocean Conservation

One World One Ocean

Producer: MacGillivray Freeman Films

One World One Ocean campaign inspires stewardship of the sea.

127 Marine Conservation Zones

Producer: by Chris Smyth

127 is an important number for marine life in the English Seas.

Partnering organizations promoting Ocean Stewardship

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