2015 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award

Finalists in consideration for the Ocean Conservation AwardSponsored by One World One Ocean


With Change Comes Opportunity

Producer: Bluebottle Films - James Sherwood, Danielle Ryan

Rob Pennicott was disappointed the day his local fishing spot was turned into a marine park. Today, Rob says his fishing tourism business, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, is reliant not just on good fisheries management, but on the longevity of marine park areas in Tasmania.


Superman Meets Aquaman!

Producer: Mission 31

Fabien Cousteau's undersea project "Mission 31" get a special visitor from outerspace.

Net Positiva

Producer: Ian W. McGee

Bureo founded ‘Net Positiva’, a fishnet collection and recycling program aimed at combating the detrimental impacts of discarded fishing nets.

A Song of Oil, Ice and Fire

Producer: Greenpeace

Right now, Shell is preparing to drill in the Arctic for the first time. If we don’t stop them, it could be the beginning of the end for everything we hold dear --

Green Heroes: Ta'Kaiya Blaney

Producer: Joan Prowse & John Bessai

Ta'Kaiya Blaney, a 12 year old Sliammon First Nation, proves that you can never be too young to become a Green Hero!

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Producer: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center helps rehabilitate injured sealions found off of the Pacific Coast sends them back into the wild healthy and free.

Battle of the Reef

Producer: Silky Fox Productions / Directed by: Silke de Vos

Rehabilitating and sustaining the coral reefs in the Philippines

Meet The Citizen Inspector

Producer: Van Origine / Directed by: Renske Cuijpers, Iris Frankhuizen & Wiep Teeuwisse

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to protect our oceans.