Alexandru Papiu Ilarian Highschool

Dej, Romania

I have been working in iEARN projects and especially in Learning Circles since 1996 and during all these years I went through great experiences with my students, sharing our work with students from different countries and cultures. Our school is located in a small town in Transylvania, Romania, and my students have always been interested in finding out information about the way of living and culture of people from other countries, so these projects offered them the possibility to enrich their general culture, to develop their ability of essay writing and especially to to improve their English. Working in My Hero project was not easy, but it was a great experience for my students, a challenge and in the same time an occasion to research and understand the real values. I will certainly continue to get involved in My Hero project next year, with other students, other heroes, other experiences. We are proud to be part of this great project, thank you!

Florian Pittis

By: Jonathan from Dej, Romania

Emil Racovita

By: Cristea from Dej, Romania

Elisabeta Lipa

By: Roxana from Dej, Romania
My Heroine, Elisabeta Lipa

Eduard Bertalan

By: Alice from Dej, Romania

Ana Aslan

By: Socaciu from Dej, Romania

Georgeta Andrunache

By: Cuzdriorean from Dej, Romania


By: Alina from Dej, Romania

Nadia Elena Comaneci

By: Dardai from Dej, Romania

Lia Manoliu

By: Marchis from Dej, Romania

Mircea Eliade

By: Blos from Dej, Romania

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