COLEGIO CALASANZ (Buenos Aires-Argentina, 2009)

OUR HEROES - If it hadn't been for them...

A teen class share who they consider heroes and discuss their views on how each of them have contributed to making our world a better place. Participating class: "INGLÉS - Nivel avanzado" Class: 4th year 2009(Teacher: Gladys Baya) - COLEGIO CALASANZ (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Community and Teacher heroes

Mother Teresa de Calcuta

By: Juan from Buenos Aires

Princess Diana Spencer

By: Soiza from Buenos Aires

Domingo F. Sarmiento

By: Martín from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Domingo F. Sarmiento was a distinguished educator and president of Argentina.

Martin I. Lorenzino

By: Natalia from Buenos Aires

Matías Andrés Rodríguez

By: Ana Laura from Buenos Aires

Science Heroes

Albert Einstein

By: Andres from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rene Favaloro

By: Maria from Buenos Aires, Argentina

René G. Favaloro

By: Laura from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bernardo Houssay

By: Nicolas from Buenos Aires
Bernardo Houssay was an Argentinean physiologist and Nobel Prize winner.

Artist heroes

Walter Elias Disney

By: Gonzalo from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Daddy Yankee

By: Camila from Buenos Aires, Argentina
The most successful Latin artist of all time.

Enrique Martin Morales (Ricky Martin)

By: Mercedes from Buenos Aires

Charles S. Chaplin

By: Florencia from Buenos Aires
"What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning"

Pablo Picasso

By: Micaela from from Buenos Aires

John Lennon

By: Paul from Buenos Aires

Jorge Luis Borges

By: German from Buenos Aires

Michael Jackson

By: Sol from Buenos Aires

Sports heroes

Diego Armando Maradona

By: Juan Francisco from Buenos Aires

Freedom heroes

José Francisco de San Martín

By: Carolina from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manuel Belgrano

By: Débora from Buenos Aires

José Francisco de San Martín

By: Marina from Buenos Aires

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