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Craft's Family Heroes

We are an English teaching school which main goal is to use the language in meaningful, fun and challenging workshops. Perhaps, this explains our participation in this wonderful collaborative project. Students chose their personal heroes after analysing different criterias to make their final choice. We took part in this year's Learning Circle -MMH2- and wish to share our heroes' stories with all readers.

Ana Maraa Valverde
By: Larissa from Xalapa, Mexico
Julia Ines Hernandez Garcia
By: Ali Fernanda from Xalapa, Mexico

Nancy Hernandez Lopez

By: Alexis Gerardo from Xalapa, Mexico

Rodrigo Solis Alejo

By: Alan from Xalapa, Mexico
Santiago Foglia
By: Lorna from Xalapa, Mexico

Rosalba Aburto

By: Ingrid from Xalapa, Mexico
Victor Romero
By: Hilda from Xalapa, Mexico
Learning circle participants 2011 MHM2
Credit: G.O. Lajud
Learning Circle participants 2011 MHM2
Credit: G. O. Lajud

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