Smoke That Travels [Trailer]

Produced by:Kayla Briët
What happens when a story is forgotten? I'm making a film about my dad, Gary Wiski-ge-amatyuk, my family, and what it means to be Native American today.

The Raven Comes Alive

By: Kayla Briët
A musical interpretation of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. A young girl battles with the darkest secrets of her subconscious.

Kayla Briet at MY HERO Salon - Stay Curious

By: The MY HERO Project / Kayla Briet
Kayla Briet speaks at MY HERO Salon about activism through film and her film Stay Curious

Another World

By: Kayla Briet
"Another World" has the goal of inspiring others to find their voice through finding their passion, ultimately encouraging the public to use their newfound voice to positively impact their community.

Stay Curious: Technology In the Classroom

By: By Kayla Briet
Technology is advancing faster than we can comprehend.

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