My Hero Learning Circle - Middle School MHM1 - January 2012

Children around the world tell us about their heroes.

My Hero Learning Circles is an online global exchange that has My Hero partnered with Teachers and students from around the world learn about each others cultures, communities, countries and of course, their heroes. The world is brought into each of their classrooms and their classrooms into the world. This diverse Middle School circle is composed of classes participating from Canada (2), Romania, Russia, Belarus (2) and Slovenia (2) . The My Hero Project thanks you for all your hard work and for your amazing results, that everyone can see on this page. I encourage everyone who sees this to take some time and click through ALL of the classes in this new archive of heroism as seen through the eyes of our children. Happy New Year. Wendy Jewell - Facilitator
Heroes from our home town. Students of 9.a and 9.c Tone Okrogar Primary School have created stories about their heroes. Some have chosen heroes of the past, some stories speak of sportmen, politicans, but the most touching ones are the stories that speak of their everyday heroes such as their friends and family. I am glad that we had a chance to give the heroes of our town a tribute they deserve.
Hello dear visitors, I would like to welcome you on behalf of my students. I am Geta Apostu and my students and I proudly participated in this very interesting project. My Hero gave us the opportunity to make known figures of our culture and discover heroes from other participating countries. We would like to thank all the students, teachers and facilitators in our circle for the time and valuable information they have shared with us. Thank you and enjoy our page!
Hello dear Friends! This is our first participation in such a project. It is interesting on one hand and it is difficult on the other hand. But, of course it is a great experience for me and my students. We have read many wonderful stories about different people. My students have found much useful and new information about their heroes. We have written about our hero, a person who is admired not only by our students but by many people of our country. You can find some monuments to this person in our city. He was really brave and did many manly deeds. We’ll be glad to continue our participation in this project. And we think we will become more proficient. Sincerely, School 28 Mogilev, Belarus Thanks Evgenia

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