Our Heroes

The Galloway School 5th Graders Created Scrapbook Pages To Honor Their Heroes

Students explored definitions of heroes among themselves and their friends around the world. Each student then decided on his or her own personal definition, chose a hero based on that definition, and worked in Art and Language Arts classes to create a tribute to this hero.

Aunt Charlotte

Nanny Nancy

My Dad

My Hero Zack

My Hero, My Mom

Susie Duff

My Hero, Libby

My Dad, Lenny

My Dad, Pat Henn

Cecilia Hirt

Randy Shields, My Hero

My Dad, My Hero

My Hero, My Dad

Gene Simmons

John Finn

Lance Armstrong

My Hero

Shawn Johnson

Grace Lin

My Hero, My Friend

Stephanie Webb

Ron Moore

Christopher Hitchens

Melanie Oudin

John F. Kennedy

My Hero, Lulu


Mother Teresa

My Grandmother, My Hero

My Papa, My Hero

Elliott Galloway, Hero

My Mom and Dad, My Heroes

Greg Limberd, A Hero

My Hero, Penny

Tiger Woods

Albert Schweitzer, A True Hero

By: Jake
Jake creates a hero collage about Albert Scweitzer

William Shakespeare

Derek Jeter

My Dad, My Hero

My Dad, Tom Ponder

My Dog Murphy

Jason Heyward

My Dad, My Hero

My Grandfather, My Hero

Elliott Galloway, A Hero

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