Ron Kovic Peace Prize - 2015 Finalists

Short films that highlight efforts for a more peaceful world.

Defying Death in South Sudan

By: Francis Mead

Defying death in South Sudan. Featuring Humanitarian Hero Award Winner Ken Payumo.

A Diary From Syria - Walking The Empty Streets of Homs

By: Produced and Directed by the World Food Programme

A Diary From Syria - Walking The Empty Streets of Homs

A Battle for Peace

By: Walking the dog / Directed by: Joost Jansen

A soldier goes to the front during World War I, whose horrors make him realise that the enemy is actually war itself. The testimony of this soldier stands as a methaphor for the terrible cruelty of war and the desire for peace.

Punk Rock Diplomacy

By: The Moxie Institute/Dir. Tiffany Shlain
Starting with a hilarious story about Director Tiffany Shlain when she was 18 and out of her element, this short film explores her recent journeys as a filmmaker with the US State Department and how everyone can participate in what she calls 'Punk Rock Diplomacy.'

Veterans for Peace UK

By: Prod. Ben Griffin Dir. Andrew Davies
Veterans For Peace UK is an ex-services organisation of men and women who have served in every war that Britain has fought since WW2.

The Story of Three Rings: The Memoir of Dana Schwartz

By: The Righteous Conversations Project Students
Holocaust Survivor Dana Schwartz recounts her life in the Lvov Ghetto during the Holocaust in 'The Story of Three Rings', created by students in the Righteous Conversations Project Digital Storytelling Workshop, Summer 2015.

The Armor of Light [Trailer]

By: Abigail Disney
What price conscience? THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows an Evangelical minister and the mother of a teenage shooting victim who ask, is it possible to be both pro-gun and pro-life?

Paper Tigers

Produced by:Executive Producer: Karen Pritzker / Director: James Redford
Paper Tigers is an intimate look into the lives of selected students at Lincoln High School, an alternative school that specializes in educating traumatized youth.

I Am For Peace

By: Dir. Matt Wechsler
The death toll for victims of gun violence younger than 18 in Chicago is devastating our communities. Bullets travel through windows, drywall and back yards to find innocent victims. Firearms are too easily accessible to teenagers who reach them to settle disputes. Schoolchildren are afraid -- but not of leading.

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