Student and professional original hero art from the MY HERO Gallery

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Student Art

Oprah Winfrey

By: Devin from Laguna Beach

May Peace Prevail on Earth 2013

By: James Chen, age 14


By: Aria of Laguna Beach High School

Mother Teresa's love

By: Lisa of Laguna Beach High School

Jane Austen

By: Samantha Park of Taft High School
Jane Austen is my hero because she is a writer, a writer who inspires me. Not only was she a good writer, she was a female writer at a time when females weren't allowed to have ideas, let alone write. Jane Austen didn't have to hide who she was to get published; her work was just that good. She has shown me that if you persevere and keep going, you can do anything you want to.

My Mom

By: Tammy Zack of Taft High School
My mom is my heroine because she tries to balance her home and work life. My mom was able to overcome her arthritis in her hands and ankles since she was 13. She became successful in her career - arthritis research. She chose this field to try to help find a way to cure arthritis so that future generations will not have to suffer from this problem.

Peace Pals Art Exhibition & Awards 2012

By: Rajashree Choudhury from India - Age 10
- First Place Winner -

Love Prevails

By: Angela of Laguna Beach High School

Love prevails through thick and thin. Love gives man something to live for. Love is my hero.

Jim Dilley

By: Max Loughan from Laguna

Professional Art

Make Art Not War

By: Shepard Fairey courtesy Obey

I am an Artist

By: Ron Kovic

Agents of Change

By: Art Miles Mural Project
Art Miles Mural Project, international non-profit founded by Joanne Tawfilis, is dedicated to peace, cooperation and harmony. Students, artists, women and men in different countries create murals that promote global cooperation.

Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.

By: Ben Heine from Belgium
Ben Heine pays homage to great African-American civil rights heroes Martin Luther King and Barack Obama

Muhammad Ali

By: Adam McBain

Michelle Obama by Enrique Cornejo-Sanchez

By: Enrique Cornejo-Sanchez
Portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama by Enrique Cornejo-Sanchez

Cesar Chavez

By: Mario Torero
Champion of the laborer.

Mandela at Large

By: Michael Mahue Moore
A hero if I have ever seen one and a leader by example

Black Hawk, Indian Warrior

By: Kay Smith, Artist Laureate of Illinois

Pete Seeger

By: Robert Shetterly

Earth Pledge

By: Janina Lamb

Gay Activists

By: EB
Those who challenge society are truly heroic.

No War Zone

By: Tormusa Koroma, Sierra Leone

Tormusa Koroma is a 15 year old student at Government Rorel Secondary School in Sierra Leone

Feeding Me for Life

By: Julio Lukwago of Uganda

Anne Frank

By: Oleg Djimbinov

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