The Laguna HERO FEST

Read stories, watch films, and enjoy artwork about the heroes of Laguna Beach

The Laguna HERO FEST is a family friendly celebration of heroism in and around Laguna!


Saving the Canyon with Mary Fegraus

Producer: Wendy Milette
Mary Fegraus is a respected Laguna Beach resident due to her tireless efforts to preserve the Laguna Greenbelt.

The Kelp Lady

Producer: Anabelle Vo
The Kelp Lady features marine biologist Nancy Caruso.

Jodie Gates

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Founder of the Laguna Dance Festival, Jodie Gates is also the Vice Dean & Director of the Kaufman School of Dance at USC.

Wendy Milette

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Wendy Milette, director of Film Festivals and Media Arts for the MY HERO Project, is an artist and a media educator who is a hero to Laguna Beach and countless young filmmakers all over the world.

Artists Inspiring the Raindrops

Producer: Jessica Necor
Artists Inspiring the Raindrops partners with non-profit organizations to generate funds through the sale of donated art to raise awareness and support for each world issue our partnering organizations address.

Mada Leach

Producer: Victoria Murphy
Mada Leach has been a visual artist for 50 years. She is also the co-founder of Laguna Outreach for Community Arts, (LOCA), a non-profit coalition of arts educators.

Robin Altman

Producer: Victoria Murphy
Robin Altman is an Artist from Laguna Beach with a vibrant colorful style.


Robin Altman

By: Victoria Murphy
Robin Altman is an active participant in the arts community in the Laguna Beach area.

Jodie Gates

By: Betty Bailey
Jodie Gates is a groundbreaker in the international world of dance.

Nancy Caruso

By: Anabelle Vo
Nancy Caruso is a marine biologist who helped bring kelp forests back to the California coast.

Doug Miller

Doug Miller Is an iconic artist and musician in Laguna Beach, Calfifornia.

Tyler Russell

By: Daniel Chavez
Tyler Russell began a community radio station and goes out of his way to find, promote, and interview indie artists that don't get commercial recognition


By: Victoria Murphy
Wyland is an internationally recognized artist and marine life conservationist.

Jim Dilley

By: Doug Miller and Sasha Evans
Jim Dilley was the founder of the Laguna Beach Greenbelt.

Previous Films

Ditty for Dilley

Producer: Doug Miller/Sasha Evans/MY HERO
Laguna Beach musicians, Doug Miller and Sasha Evans, sing a song about activist James Dilley at the 5th Annual Laguna Hero Fest.

Blues Planet: Sounds [Excerpt]

Producer: Wyland
"There is music to our planet."

Art Is

Producer: Jasa Laliberte
Boys and Girls Club students share their love of Art.

Ditty for Dilley Music Video

Producer: Doug Miller/Sasha Evans/MY HERO
A music video about James Dilley, founder of the Laguna Greenbelt.

Doug Miller: Artist Historian

Producer: MY HERO
Doug Miller is a Laguna Beach artist with a knack for documenting the community with his art.

KX 93.5

Producer: Dave DeSantis
KX 93.5 is an independent radio station based out of Laguna Beach.

Boys and Girls Club is My Hero

Producer: Wendy Milette, The Boys and Girls Club & The Laguna Beach Community Fo...
Participants of the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach explain why they love the club.

ECO Warrior

Producer: James Pribram, Charles McMahon
The ECO Warrior, James Pribram, works tirelessly in hopes that the ocean will be preserved for the future.

J A Bullard: Surf Cinematographer

Producer: Andy Alison
Andy Alison inherited a treasure trove of surfing history from his grandfather, J. A. Bullard.

The Susi Q

Producer: The Susi Q
At the Susi Q center, senior citizens remain active as they age gracefully.

Acceptance Speeches - Heroes of LHF

Laguna Hero Fest 2013 - Wyland

Produced by:MY HERO/Dylan Sachse
Artist Wyland gives a speech about his own inspiration--the ocean--at the 2013 Laguna Hero Fest.

Laguna Hero Fest intro & Artists Inspiring the Raindrops (LCAD) with acceptance

Producer: Jessica Necor & THE MY HERO PROJECT
Artists Inspiring the Raindrops (LCAD) with acceptance and Laguna HERO FEST intro.

2014 Laguna Hero Fest Jodie Gates Acceptance

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Jode Gates accepts her award at the2014 Laguna Hero Fest

Mada Leach Artist and Founder of LOCA

Silver Moon Cloud Bank

Summer Moonrise #3

Canyon Colors #2

Moonstone Beach

September Moon

Hopi Landscape

California Daybreak

Whampus Kitty

Robin Wethe Altman Laguna Beach Artist

Last Light on Laguna

She's An Artist

- Part of Robin Altman's

She Loves the Sea

- Part of Robin Altman's "She" Series -

Nepali Woman and Her Goat

She Dreams of San Francisco

- Part of Robin Altman's "She" Series -

Doug Miller Art


Wyland Art


Art by students from Anneliese School

Mural completed April 21, 2013 at Imagination Celebration in Newport Beach

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