Ion Cojocaru
By: Cristina from village Taraclia
"The key of success is to always do what you do the best."-Ion Cojocaru
Abraham Lincoln
By: Cristina from village Taraclia
"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." • Abraham Lincoln
Ronnie James Dio
By: Cristina from Village Taraclia
"In my mind, we live in Heaven and we live in Hell. God and the Devil are inherent in each of us, and it’s our choice to make. You can take the road to good, or you can take the road to bad."- Ronnie James Dio (Metal: A Headbanger`s Journey)
Grandfather Dobre
By: Dorina from Village Taraclia
Mr. Viorel Spinu
By: Victoria from Taraclia
Grigore Vieru
By: Ecaterina from village Taraclia
Alexey Viktorovich Schusev
By: Petru from Taraclia

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