International Sculpture Day (ISD) is April 24

Join the worldwide celebration of the art of sculpture

MY HERO is honored to share with our viewers the wonderful and inspiring art of these amazing sculptors.

Anna Chromy

The Cloak of Conscience

By: Anna Chromy

The Coat of Saint Martin

By: Anna Chromy

Heart of the World

By: Anna Chromy

The Heart for Children

By: Anna Chromy

Anna Chromy

By: CJ Newman from Cape Elizabeth

Mamadou Tall Diedhiou

Bird 4

By: Mamadou Tall Diedhiou

Bird 6

By: Mamadou Tall Diedhiou

Bird 7

By: Mamadou Tall Diedhiou

Bird 8

By: Mamadou Tall Diedhiou

The Bird Maker

Producer: Cheikh Darou Seck
This is a documentary film about the artist MAMADOU TALL DIEDHIOU, created by filmmaker Cheikh Darou Seck from Senegal.
The Bird Maker's Teacher
Producer: Cheikh Darou Seck
From the director of THE BIRD MAKER comes a fascinating interview with the Bird Maker's art teacher in Senegal Africa!
Visiting the Birdmaker
Producer: Antonio Mendoza and Cheikh Darou Seck
A visit to the celebrated Senegalese artist, Mamadou Tall Diedhiou.

Mamadou Tall Diedhiou

By: Cheikh Darou Seck from DAKAR
Mamadou Tall Diedhiou combines recycled materials to create inspiring works of art.

Jason deCaires Taylor - Underwater Sculptures

Ring of Children Grenada

By: Jason Decaires Taylor

Solar Man

By: Jason Decaires Taylor

Reclamation Mexico

By: Jason Decaires Taylor

Silent Evolution Mexico

By: Jason Decaires Taylor

Meera Censor

Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan (1956 - 1987)

By: Meera Censor

Sister Chan Khong

By: Meera Censor

Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

By: Meera Censor

Jim McNalis

Dalai Lama Caricature Sculpture

By: Jim McNalis

John Lennon

By: Jim McNalis

Dr. Cynthia Maung

By: Jim McNalis

Plugged-in Dylan

By: Jim McNalis


By: Jim McNalis


By: Jim McNalis

Other Sculptures

Sojourner Truth

By: Artis Lane

A Little Girl With Flowers

By: Ursula Malbin

Tuuram Cairn

By: Chris Booth


By: Prakash G. Nayak

An Athlete Wrestling with a Python (1877)

By: Lord Leighton Frederic

Nathan Hale, (1890, cast by 1904)

By: Frederick William MacMonnies

George Washington

By: Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741 - 1848)

MY HERO Stories about Sculptors

Maya Lin
By: Grace Turner from Cairo
Maya Lin is the architect of the Vietnam Memorial as well as many works of art.

The Sculptor: Selma Burke

By: Sebastian Ruiz
Selma Burke was an influential African American sculptor during the Harlem Renaissance in the U.S.

Beniamino Bufano

By: Amy from Rancho Santa Margarita
Beniamino Bufano created distinctive sculptures addressing the theme of peace.
Edmonia Lewis
By: Jerrilyn & Madeline Jacobs
Edmonia Lewis defied restrictions on black women and achieved respect in the art community.

Leonardo da Vinci

By: Alex and Kara from Michigan
Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist and inventor.

Dr. Michael Irving

By: Janice from Alameda
Dr. Michael Irving created a memorial monument as a voice for victims of child abuse.

Frank Owen Gehry

By: Marissa from Ventura
Frank Owen Gehry own unique style of design.

Gustave Eiffel

By: Jimmy from France
Gustave Eiffel was the French engineer who built the Eiffel Tower

Gustave Eiffel

By: Lul from France

Gustave Eiffel
was the French engineer who built the Eiffel Tower

Sculptures in the News

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