Organize Your Students' Published Work by Creating a Class Showcase Webpage

Step by Step Tutorial

After Logging into your MY HERO Account, Go to Your Profile Page and Click on Start an Organizer


Go to Your Profile Page to Start an Organizer
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Starting a New Organizer and Auto Populate with Students' Work:

Create a Title and Caption for your organizer.

Select your school and class - then check off auto populate.

The last step is to click on Start Organizer Page and you will be taken to your new organizer with your students' work.


Create New Organizer and Populate with Students' Work
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You will be taken to your new organizer. Make sure to Publish/Upload by either the button on the left side tool bar or the Arrow at the top of the page. This is how you save your organizer. 


New Auto Populated Organizer
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If you have any questions or would like additional information about using the MY HERO multimedia resources with your students and organizing their work, email: [email protected]


Create an Organizer Webpage of Students' Published Work

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