Oskar Schindler

by Nathan Kashuba from Cochrane, Alberta Canada

“I just couldn't stand by and see people destroyed.’’ -Oskar Schindler


Why did I choose Oskar Schindler? I chose Oskar because I like learning about the war! My books {I have 3 books} are biographies. A girl on Schindler's list is 112 pages long, Heroes of World War ll is 203 pages long,World War ll visual encyclopedia is 201  pages long. While  my books don’t tell me what time span I can imagine it was during World War ll is 203 pages long, World War ll visual encyclopedia is 201  pages long. While my books don’t tell me what time span I can imagine it was during World War II.

150943Oskar Schindler Facts:

Oskar was born on April 28 1908 in Zwittau, Moravia, Austria-Hungary!  Oskar grew up in  Zwittau, Moravia, Austria-Hungary!  Oskar’s parents, a catholic mother and Czechoshovakian father. When Oskar was 20 he married Emilie Schindler. Growing up, Oskar played with Jewish kids next door. When he saw over 68,000 Jewish people forced out of their home they reminded him of those kids. While Oskar went to high school he did not like college, therefore, he left to work at his father's factory. Schindler's main hobbies were anything mechanical. He was often seen with a tool in his hand, working on a machine. His dream was to make a fortune, and that is how he had the factory where he housed the Jews he saved.  I think Oskar knew he wanted to be a businessman, but I do not think he knew he would be a hero for saving over 1200 Jews. Maybe his early years taught him to think with his heart instead of his head as he credits that for why he went against the Nazi. As well, playing with the Jewish kids next door taught him they were nice and that the Nazis were killing innocent people. While not in the books I read, I found on that Oskar was not faithful to his wife.

150946Oskar Schindlerwhile I had no platform for this image, since Oskar was a businessman I drew a picture of him working in his factory.Challenges and Accomplishments:

Oskar faced the challenge of trying to hide his Jewish employees from the Nazi.This was hard because he gave them decent food, housing and medical care, and such acts of compassion were against the law. The reason the Nazis let it go is because Oskar told them the Jewish people were making stuff to help the Nazis fight. I feel that Oskar was influenced by the Jews he employed. He wanted to help these 1200 people overcome the hatred shown by the Nazis. Oskar was smart,handsome and quickly learned his charming personality could win him favours. He used this to help make the Nazi’s agree to let him keep the Jews in his factory. While I didn’t find a weakness in the books I read, I can imagine he was addicted to money. This may make it difficult for him in life if he chooses money over somethings, for example, I repeatedly read he made the Jews work hard as cheap labour. Sadly, Oskar died due to a liver failure on Oct 9 1974. Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial to the victims of the holocaust, awarded Schindler the title Righteous Among the Nations in 1962. The first person to recognize his heroism and write a book about him was Thomas Keneally with his book Schindler’s Ark in 1982. The famous director, Steven Speilberg, turned this book into a movie in 1993, called Schindler's List. This movie would go on to receive 12 awards.

Conclusions and Reflections:

I was disappointed to learn that Oskar cheated on his wife. If I could ask Oskar 3 questions I would ask:

  • What was the scariest part of standing up to the Nazis? 

  • Who was your favorite employee? 

  • Have you ever met Hitler?

I probably would not like to be Oskar’s kid mostly because it means I would be living during a world war and my father would be at risk of being shot. I enjoyed reading my books because I thought the authors did a good job describing how Oskar’s life went and what he did to become a hero. From the book A Girl on Schindler’s List, I learned that not everything you see in movies is real because in the case of Schindler’s List some of details were changed because they were too hard to watch. So who do you believe those with memories, which can change over time, or what they put up there on the screen. Oskar’s life was full of good deeds that I can apply to my own life like never leaving someone out for what they believe in. Other people might not like A Girl on Schindler’s List because it is sad and shows what the Nazis put the Jews through. I’m glad I chose Oskar because I like learning about heroes of WWll. Oskar Schindler was a great person and he will be remembered for his actions! I would look up to him as a role model to know about not leaving people out. I would not look up to him for some personal choices he made.




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