Our Art Is A Weapon Against Oppression by Purnima Ghogar

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Purnima Ghogar performs an original spoken word piece for the launch of the ASEAN Youth Forum's Zine #3 'Days of Activism'. This poem is intended to empower all artists and creators by raising awareness of the integral role that artist's have in representing voices of the marginalized and to confidently stand for causes that they believe in. The weapon serves as a metaphor for the collective strength, social responsibility and voice that artists have, in striving towards a more just and equal world, where every act of expression creates positive change.

Purnima Ghogar is an Australian-Thai artist, author, poet, TEDx Speaker and teacher of creative writing and literature. Purnima's words are inspired by the universe, nature, the light and dark, diaspora, activism and explores themes of women's empowerment, identity, creativity, healing, self-discovery, growth and mental health. Her poetry and art depicts an aesthetic fusion from the wealth of her Indian and Thai heritages, as well as her interest in the special relationship between the visual and written modes of expression - this can also be seen in her illustrated and concrete poetry styles. She also performs her poetry to audiences in live settings, inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to embrace their authentic selves.

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Our art is a weapon against oppression
a subdued hue that aims to
harmonise, balance and mute
the destructible noise

Our words must challenge,
question, enrage and set ablaze
outdated attitudes for the new

neutral ways of being human
because somewhere along the way,
a human escaped its being.

Our art is created by artists
with eyes wide open,
oozing with a lust for life,
inspired by all its greatness and strife
but when we witness injustice,
our art unites to become a tool for change:

Art means everything when it is shared.

Give meaning


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