Our Parents...

by Kelly and Alysha from Doylestown

(Kelly) My mom and dad are my personal heroes. My mom always knows the right thing to say and takes care of me when I am sick. She will even put my sister, brother, and me before her. She feeds us and puts a roof over our heads. I know that that may seem corney or just what she is supposed to do, but it is special to me. My mommy works very hard as a nurse. I feel that nurses should be thanked more than they actually are because they are underpaided nowadays, but they still are helping out the world. My mom travels to peoples' houses to help them because some people can't even get out of their house to go anywhere. It is hard for my mom to raise all three of us by herself since my parents split up years ago. But I have to say she does an awsome job. She donates clothes to the needy. She helps me with projects and schoolwork. My mom is a very good influence to others.

(Kelly) My dad is also a very good influence towards me. He is remarried to my loving stepmom Veda. He would have never married her if we didn't like her, but how couldn't we. She is really cool and fun to be around. Chuck, my dad, works at Independance Blue Cross. He is helping people everyday. My dad is a manager and has a big office. He is always influenceing people at his work. At home, he is really fun to be around. He makes funny jokes. You just can't help to laugh. He is always inviting to others. He helps me with my schoolwork and we don't go anywhere over the weekend until it is done. Chuck also cooks very good food. When I was learning about the Holocaust in class, I was talking to him about it and he taught me many new things about it. He loves to research wars and is very smart. They are both my heroes for many more reasons.

(Alysha) My mom and dad are also my heroes. My mom is constantly helping the community by taking care of others children when they are at work. She feeds and clothes me and my 3 brothers. She helps me with my school work and projects I have to work on. My mommy is very caring. She has changed my life in a way that can never be changed. She taught me wrong from right to make sure that I always do the right thing.

(Alysha) My dad is a very good cook. He is funny and makes us laugh. My dad knows how to have fun. He flies planes. He flies around and tries to convince them to buy the plane. He is very good at what he does. He helps me with my homework when I need it and offers it even if I don't. He is a very good influence towards me and my brother.

<3*~Kelly and Alysha~*<3

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