overlooked heroes

by Hannah Wilcox from Rutland in United Kingdom

 They are often overlooked, as not a red cape does wave,

On their backs, and yet, they are heroes all the same,

a little less of the suits and adoration,

a little more mud and mottled green,

the real heroes, beyond the superheroes that we all know,

are, like the air, taken for granted, to be used and not seen,

they see the suffering that we do not,

they fight so that we don’t have to,

they sacrifice all that they have to give us a better life,

mud, sweat, tears, blood,

stolen, drank by the earth,

fallen men, eyes of glass, all for the us,

tear-tracked faces, the anguish of a loss,

a feeling never forgotten, only numbed,

all for us.



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