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Passage to Freedom

By Ken Mochizuki

Publisher: Lee & Low Books, Inc., September 2003
ISBN: 1584301570
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
In 1940, five-year-old Hiroki Sugihara, the eldest son of the Japanese consul to Lithuania, saw from the consulate window hundreds of Jewish refugees from Poland. They had come to Hiroki's father with a desperate request: Could consul Sugihara write visas for them to escape the Nazi threat? The Japanese government denied Sugihara's repeated requests to issue the visas. Unable to ignore the plight of the refugees, he turned to his family. Together they made the crucial decision that saved thousands of lives.

Passage to Freedom, based on Hiroki Sugihara's own words, is one of the most important stories to emerge from the ruins of the Holocaust. It is the story of one man's remarkable courage, and the respect between a father and a son who shared the weight of witness and an amazing act of humanity

User Reviews:
sydney | 10/21/2010 1:36 PM
i read this book it is so so fantastic thank you you have made a diffrence
christine | 8/30/2007 10:30 AM
i read the book and it really was sad for chiune sugihara and his family.
Margaret Ann Pineda | 12/4/2006 12:41 PM
I am so happy to have found this wonderful website and the sharing of this wonderful human being who saved so many Jewish people from the Nazis.  One person CAN make a difference and Mr. Sugihara was that wonderful Angel that saved so many at the risk of his and his family's life.  I cannot help but think how many more could have been saved if more so-called human beings would have had the heart and soul of Mr. and Mrs. Sugihara.  God Bless them and his family.  Sincerely, Marge Pineda

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