Paul Revere

by Ben from Laguna Beach


My hero is Paul Revere. He wass valiant because he did many things to help the patriot cause. He was born in 1734 and died in 1818. He was a silversmith, was married, and had eight children. Revere lived in Boston, Massachusetts.

When helping the patriot cause Paul Revere took part in planning the Boston Tea Party and some think he even participated. He also went on a midnight ride from Boston to Lexington and then on to Concord. He went on it to warn the people that the redcoats were coming to steal their guns and ammunition. During the ride the redcoats won the battle at Lexington so they continued on to Concord but lost there. Because of Revere's warnings the patriots had time to prepare and beat the British.

Paul Revere risked his life to help the patriots because he didn't want anyone to die because he believed in the patriot cause and thought everyone should be free. He was captured and the redcoats took him prisoner. That was the night that started the Revolutionary War.

Paul Revere has really impacted my life because if he didn't go on the midnight ride we might not have had a revolution and still might be under British rule. We might not even have lived in the U.S.A. I think he is very valiant because he was a patriot and if the Patriots lost the war they would have been considered traitors. He would also have had to go to prison for a long time. He changed a lot of things, so that is why I picked him.

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I picked Paul Revere because he was very heroic. I think there should be a day named after him. That is why I picked him.