by Caris from Novato

My Aunt is very special. She is not very strict at all. She only yells if there is an emergency or she needs to get peoples attention. Sometimes she takes me away from my brother's baseball game and takes me to have a girls day out. She would ask my mom if we could go watch a certain movie or just get our nails done. Then she would ask me if we could go do something fun and leave this baseball game. I would always say yes. Then at the end of the day she would take me home and my uncle, my aunt, my parents, my brothers, and I all would have dinner together.

My aunt usually wears dresses down to her feet and rings made of gold or silver. She also wears bracelets and earrings made of gold and silver. She never wears gloves or hats. She always put her hair up, not in a ponytail but she would make it stand on end. She has short hair and uses gel to make it stand up. She wears shoes with heals. She always stands up straight and sits up straight. She never slouches. She has blond hair and is very proper. When she is around me she will just have fun and not focus on the proper stuff.

My aunt is my hero because she always saves me from my brothers baseball games and soccer games. One of the reasons why she does that is because most of the games are boring and there is nothing to do. She specifically does this because she likes to spend time with me and she needs to get out also. My aunt also takes me to the movies and somewhere to eat when I am sad or needs some cheering up. My aunt is the best.

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