by Jesus from Tampico

Albert Einstein sitting in a beautiful chair (Google )
Albert Einstein sitting in a beautiful chair (Google )

I know that Albert Einstein was a very shy person who discovered many things in his long life. He was very smart and he won a Nobel prize. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulf Wurttemberg, Germany. Albert's studies inspire me because he was always studying about something new and interesting, and that makes me think of how I can improve, and study more often. Like I said, Albert Einstein is my hero, not just for being intelligent, but also for being a great person who never gave up. He studied and worked hard. I just hope that one day maybe I can be like him. I like the way he thought about things.

When he was four and sick in bed, Albert Einstein’s father gave him a magnetic compass. Albert practiced turning the compass every which way, soon becoming fascinated by the new toy. No matter which way he turned it, the needle would always point in the same direction, and much in the way Einstein’s genius and fascination with nature pointed him toward a life of scientific discovery. As a result of his 1905 papers, Einstein was regarded as the rising star of theoretical physics. Towards the end of 1913, he was invited to Berlin where he was offered a job at the University of Berlin free of teaching obligations. He did exactly what he wanted to do: theoretical research. His theory of relativity, however, was still controversial. One winter while Einstein was abroad, a group of anti-Semitic German physicists rejected the theory of relativity as an erroneous Jewish theory. At that time, 2,000 books were burned outside the opera house in Berlin.

I chose Albert Einstein because he inspires me in my physics and biology classes. He is like an old man who right now is still guiding me, and I must say I like that feeling. I have known about him since I was a child because my mom talked about him all the time. I remember when my mom turned the Discovery Channel on and they talked about him on one of their programs. I realized that I could be as smart as he was. I try to be smart, but not always. My family tells me all the time that on my first birthday I was nervous. I was like a monster. Then I imagined my hero by my side. I never again was afraid of monsters that came on the television. I was the most nervous pupil in my classroom, because when they asked me to go to the front the class and say something or to do something, I was scared. Then I thought about Albert Einstein and I was able to do it like a normal young man. In my class I try to be like him even though I know I can’t be as smart as he was.

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