Michael Scofield

by marjan from mississauga

If you think I’m leaving my brother behind, you have massively underestimated me.

Prison Break, is one of the most watched TV shows in North America . Prison Break is not only known for it's cute guys but it's also known known for the action and drama taken place in the show. Michael Scofield is the main character in the show, not only dose he have a great body but he an incredibly intelligent man. When his older brother Lincoln got held for his execution Michael was willing to do anything to help his older brother. when Michael's grilfriend sara died he became very emotional. Those are just some of the many things that Michael dose to help his friends and family. Michel Scofield is intelligent, emotional and makes life making decisions.

Michael Scofield (
Michael Scofield (

Michael Scofield was a very intelligent person. Michael was born as a gifted student. He also had a bachelor of science and a Master of Science in civil engineering . Years later Michael was involved in a bank robbery just so that he can be held in the same prison as as his brother Lincoln. Once Michael was in the prison he started building an escape route out of the prison. Michael also used his photographic memory to help Lincoln out. Intelligence is a quality that a hero should have and that is what Michael Scofield had.

There was a month left before Lincoln' execution and Michael was still determined to do whatever he can to help his brother out. On a daily basis Michael goes to the infirmary to ask Dr. Sara to help with all the exit points out of the prison. After escaping from fox river Michael creates’s another escape route to move to Panama. Before leaving, Sara got arrested, but instead of Sara going to Sona (prison in Mexico) Michael puts the charges on himself instead. Yet Michael has to start his adventures all over again for the ones he loves.

Micheal Scofield (
Micheal Scofield (

When Michael was held in Sona, he had to face another set of challenges to help him get out of Sona. This time Michael had to find a guy named Whistler in order for him to escape. Just to make sure Michael did exactly what he was told to do Sara and L.J ( nephew) here held hostage. Michael was willing to do what he could so that Sara and L.J were not killed. Once Michael had made an attempt Sara had been killed for it, although Michael did not know. Two weeks later Michael found out that Sara had been killed. Once L.J was out of hostage and with his uncle and dad L.J decided to give Michael back his rose origami that he gave to Sara at the infirmary back in fox river. Even though Michael has had a lot of challenges in his life he still manages to get through them.

Even though Michael Scofield had made some bad decisions in life like robbing a bank and making life threatening decisions he still maneges to get through them. Michael Scofield is very hot and sexy. Michael scofield mat not be the greatest man but he still is an intelligent, emotional and life risking man. That is exactly why Michael Scofield is my hero.

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