barack obama

by emily from pembroke pines

barack obama
obama (google)
obama (google)

barack obama is a kind and gentle man he loves to play basketball and he loves to hang out with his family from time to time.but he never had the you wanna be a president when you grow up?if you do its alot of work thats why obama does not have time to spend with his family.anywho,obama was chossen to be a presindent i voted for him and one time i went to the white house and it was beutiful.he looked so busy i did not even want to disterve lets reve barack obama iis a very busy man and kind,gentle and latly very awesome.some day you could meet him and you will see that someday he will say to you "im sorry but i have alot of work to do"and that will show you he is a very busy man in his time today.

barack obama is the best man. he had a really bad childhood for some reason but he still lived with hes mother and he was very poor.but he still liked where he lived and if not he would have no place to live.this is a short paraghgraph but just deal with it please i had a hard day and im pissed off.

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