Zhang Fei

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For me the word hero is almost impossible to describe. But what I think is a hero is being courageous,ambitious, he/she shouldn't have to be kind or courteous, as long as their intentions are pure. A hero is someone who is willing to risk many things,their lives, image, and much more. But the reason why a hero is almost impossible to describe is because some people have different opinions. Also because a hero is something you cannot know with just words.

My hero is Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei was an intrepid general of the Shu kingdom. Zhang Fei was born in the Han Dynasty (25-220). Zhang Fei might have been born in 167. During the Han dynasty there were three kingdoms at war, the Shu, the Wei, and the Wu. The war caused a vast chaos. Zhang Fei dreamed of a land full of peace. He wanted to be able to restore peace to the land. Zhang Fei also met up with those with the same goal, Guan Yu and liu Bei. They became sworn brothers at the famous peach garden. Liu Bei (the eldest brother) eventually was named the ruler of the Shu kingdom appointed by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei was named many honorable names and was given much awards. He was even named one of the five tiger warriors. Zhang Fei was very aggressive and hot headed. However he was a talented painter and very poetic. He treated his upper ranks with much respect but treated cowards and weaklings very badly. He toughened up his subordinates by treating them badly but then received trouble he could not afford.

Zhang Fei was brave and ambitious. He dreamed for something that was almost impossible to achieve. He made the Shu kingdom once again rise to its formal glory. The Shu became great rivals with the Wei, the most wealthiest kingdom. Cao Cao (the Wei's ruler) was irritated by Zhang Fei for he defeated every battle against the Wei with no trouble at all. Zhang Fei made Cao Cao's troops flee with fear from a simple shout he had yelled. Although Zhang Fei was feared by many of the Wei he despised Cao Pi. Cao Pi was a selfish man who had no respect for anyone. Zhang Fei has always awaited battle with Cao Pi. Sadly Cao Pi was a too much of a coward to even show his face to Zhang Fei. Eventually Cao Pi did show his face. However after much pain Zhang Fei was near to victory but Cao Pi refused to accept defeat and fled.

Zhang Fei strength was much like a dictator who was hated by all three kingdoms, Lu Bu. Lu Bu was almost impossible to kill. Lu Bu was also feared by many of the kingdoms. The Wei always tried to kill him but was never able to. However for Zhang Fei to prove that his strength was much more advanced than Lu Bu's Zhang simply stabbed Lu Bu from the top of the head claiming his victory. Zhang Fei drank Lu Bu's blood mixed with his own whine to show Lu Bu's defeat.

Zhang Fei's brother Guan Yu had died by underestimating his young opponent. This young opponent took Guan Yu's head which Made Zhang Fei become vastly angered. As Zhang Fei was about to prepare for battle to finally kill Cao Pi and avenge his brothers death he was betrayed by his own subordinates and was killed while drinking. The two cowardly men, whom Zhang Fei treated very badly, fled to the Wu kingdom. Zhang Fei is my hero. His craving for blood is outstanding. His loyalty was also inspiring. Some of his famous tortures, as punishment, were brutal but impressive. He has a sense for a challenge and always goes to the extreme. Even with his joy of whine Zhang Fei is outstanding and can hold order when he wishes to. He would do odd things to protect and show off his pride. He would drink the blood of his rivals and use the heads of many people as a personal reward for being victorious. His self pride just inspires me to be more happy and proud of myself. Even so Zhang Fei is a rebel and does as he pleases. But what he does out of command was always the right thing to do. To me Zhang Fei is insanely violent and sick. He would do creepy punishments. I want to be just like him!

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He treated his superiors with respect, but had little respect for his underlings. He was often warned by Liu Bei that his habit of over-punishing his own soldiers by lashing and killing would eventually bring himself disaster.