Anthony Kiedis

by Gilbert from Collingswood

Most notably known as the singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis is a forty-eight old man who has lived a life full of excitement, sorrow, and love. Everyone should be aspired to be like him. He is a man who loves everyone and expresses most of it through complex lyrics and his voice. It shows that with fame one does not need to look at it as a way of making a ton of cash but as a way to express to others how one feels through powerful music.

Of course his life was not a rollercoaster ride of joy every step of the way (even though it was pretty close to that). Drugs had affected his childhood at a very young age of about twelve because his father would let him experiment with them. For half of his ongoing life he had to struggle with it and he brought other friends down with him too. One of his best friends and guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers died of an overdose and Kiedis knew he had to stop doing drugs and change his life around which is what he did exactly without any problem. As he once said, “Sometimes life's so much cooler when you just don't know any better and all the painful lessons have not hammered your head open yet.” Once his head was open he got out of that situation.

His career started young playing at clubs in Los Angeles during college. In the middle of his education in college he dropped out because he would go much farther due to his bands exceedingly climbing number of fans. He created with his band a fast punk like style of funk. It never expressed anger or violence but encouraged love and having fun. Anthony was and always will be a pacifist and he tries to encourage his fans to be as loving and spread peace. As of 2008 he became a vegan because he wanted to preserve the peace of animals to as well as people. Kiedis was always found of his native roots and tries to be one with the world as a community and home for all life.

He never had an actual supporting family but the only family he needs are his fans and his band members and of course his newly born son Everly Bear. The reason he still writes and does not take a break is because he does not want to stop providing for his fans. He would not have been here without them. Kiedis has all the money he needs but he puts it to use that will benefit his fans. Scar Tissue is a memoir which he has written that made it to #1 of the New York Times Bestseller list. He hides nothing and brought out the hardships and consequences he had to go through to be where he is now. With the success of this memoir FX is plotting to release a series based off this book.

Personally I have learned a decent amount from this man and how to live life with a loving attitude. What he has taught the world is to get out there and try to have fun and he has certainly shown a great example of it. Sure everyone has their problems but it doesn’t amount to how much fun a forty eight year old can still have. Anthony Kiedis’ way of showing this was through music and poetry.

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