This hero lives in legend. He did not exist.

Peter Klepec

by Aleš Poljanšek from Slovenia

121677Peter Klepec ilulistrationby Marjan MančekPeter Klepec was a young boy who lived in poor cottage with his mother and goat. He used to put out his goat to pasture and his mother used to work at her neighbours for bread. Peter Klepec was growing, so his mother decided that Peter must start to work for his bread, so Peter Klepec became shepherd. But it was not easy for him. He had to take care for lots of sheep and other shepherds were teasing him. He was sad and he wanted to become strong. Once his horde of sheep got lost and when he was looking for them he saw a young girl. He helped her and when it turned out that she was a fairy. When she found out what happened she gave him a power that he wanted. Shepherds were not teasing him but he wanted to return to his mother, so he left the job and went home. Here he cleared a forest and ploughed a field so they could live better live. When Turks arrived he fought with them using only the birch and won.

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