My Hero: Philip J. Curry
  By D´Angelo 

Philip J Curry

by D'Angelo Austin from Cochrane Alberta

¨When I was 11 I read books by R.C Andrews called all about  dinosaurs. I had already been in love with dinosaurs for many years but when I read that book I learned about what it was like to be a paleontologist. The rest is history.” -Philip J. Curry

A challenge for Dr Philip J Curry was finding the Albertosaurus dig site. How he overcame this challenge by using a cule with a picture. My hero found the Albertosaurus bonebed. A bonebed  is a  place where there are a bunch of fossils of the same species. He is the most famous Canadian paleontologist. Over the last 25 years he had worked on Foilsels discovery. He helped describe two of some of the first ever dinosaur specimens Lagerstatten, the dinosaurs are called Protarchaeopteryx and Caudipteryx . The clue that helped him the most is a picture of the dig site.he is one of the best Paleontologists in the world and my favourite.I picked this hero because love dinosaurs.and his book was great and i want to be like him. I want to be a paleontologist and dig up dinosaurs. I have loved dinosaurs since I was a kid. dinosaurs are so interesting. Their horns, their spikes crust and teeth are so cool. Philip curry inspirer me and a lot of people like me. And I love to go to drum. I chose him to read about him. Like I said, I love dinosaurs. His book is 33 pages long. The book is a biography book. It took place in 2007. The book was also made in 2007 other research has been focused on foot prints. He is  one of the most Famous. He is 73 years old and he has his own museum. I never knew about a bone bed. Digging dinosaur bones is in my opinion the best job in the world.he has a museum called  Philip J Curie Dinosaur Museum. He is the most famous paleontologist in Canada.                                                

148637Philip J CurryDAngelo148636Philip j CurrieDangelofossils. Learned about him because he loves Dinosaurs and I do too. If  I met my hero I would ask him what is your favorite Dinosaur and what is your favorite Dinosaur fact  I would not like to be his child because I love my mom..I loved The book was great. I learned what a bone bed is from the book. Not everyone  likes to learn about dinosaurs and he might not be everyone's favorite paleontologist. I am so happy that I picked my hero. What surprised me was  he found a bone bed  with just a picture and I picked the right hero for me.If you want to read his book it was one of the best books I read. I love to learn about him and Dinosaurs he found a bone bed. and a paleontologist is a person who digs up

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