Pinkie the Cat

by Elan R from Colorado in United States

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To different people, a hero can mean drastically different things. Some perceive a hero as somebody who is willing to do anything for the greater good, and others see a hero as a person who motivates others to be their best. To me, a hero is anybody that helps, and anybody who helps others in a positive and inspiring way. I view a hero as just an overall good person, which made choosing a personal hero quite difficult for me. Even so, after much thought, and help from a friend, I was able to land on somebody in my life that I feel encapsulates what heroism means to me.

The My Hero Project asks its writers to show whoever is the “best of humanity,” but I decided to look in the animal kingdom for true inspiration. I’ve had my cat, Pinkie, for just around 5 years now, ever since Hanukkah in elementary school. Around a year or so after the unfortunate passing away of the old family cat, Parker, we headed down to the local pet store and began to check out some kittens. The first one that caught our eyes was a small gray kitten who was originally named Mellow. We would soon learn that to be a complete misnomer. That name didn’t fit her in the slightest. Her undying energy and craziness is an inspiration to me and teaches me that even when I feel tired, there’s a lot more energy in me. Pinkie is always hesitant to love someone new but always warms up to them after a while, which shows me how I can be more understanding and willing to meet new people. There are numerous ways that she has positively affected me and my family’s lives, and we don’t know what we would ever do without her. 

To reiterate a little, when I was asked who my life hero was, I had trouble choosing a definitive answer. There are so many extremely important people to me, and I just had enormous difficulty choosing which one had made the most prominent impact on me as a person. When I decided on Pinkie, I really realized the massive effect that she has had on my life, and I would never trade her for anything in the world. A hero can mean a bunch of different things. My cat Pinkie is the biggest hero in my whole life, and I really love her so much. I was worried about sounding like an idiot writing a project for school about my cat, but I think I’ve found as I write that Pinkie is the nicest, and truest, and most loving person (or I suppose that I should say cat) in my life.

I love you, Pinkie, and thank you.

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