Edgar Allan Poe

by Mallory from Selden Middle School in New York

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." —Edgar Allan Poe

A hero is someone who does something amazing to help others. You admire this person because he or she does something that is incredible in your eyes. I believe Edgar Allan Poe fits this description because he went through many tragedies in his life and managed them through unbelievable poetry and stories that inspired so many people. He lost many of his loved ones and had many challenges. Poe lost his family, had barely any friends, ran away from home when he was young and, in the end, lost his mind. But he still fought through them with all his strength and came up with the darkest, weirdest, most beautiful poems many people have ever heard.

Poe was born on January 19, 1809. David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, were touring actors. Both died before Edgar was three years old. His mother died from an infection in the lungs, and his father died soon after. Edgar grew up with his uncle and his uncle's son. Since the beginning, Edgar wrote poetry. They were great works, but he always seemed to exaggerate the truth.

I admire Edgar Allan Poe because he lost his mother and father and yet still managed to deal with his uncle who would not help him with his gambling debt. Even though he lied a great deal, drank and gambled, he still wrote amazing poetry and was strong until the end. Everyone in his classes knew Poe lied, so they never became friends with him. That had to be hard for him to deal with. That’s another thing that makes him strong. He lived life with his pen.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote some of the most amazing poems about his life, lies, and losses. He was a famous writer and so many people today still read his work. He wrote hundreds and hundreds of poems. His classic poem is “The Raven.” Even when he was in the Army, he never gave up his poetry. He mixed it with his work.

A hero is someone who has accomplished great things in his or her life. He or she helps others and people admire him or her for it. Edgar might not have given to any charities or saved a person's life physically, but his poems did help people start to read and inspire them through the things he wrote about. He helped people go through bad times. Edgar Allan Poe went through so much. He might have been crazy, but he did write some of the greatest poems out there. He is my hero.

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