Poetry from The Corona Virus Poets

by The Corona Virus Poets from Global

The Electric Bike - Mike Roche

So this afternoon at 90 degrees

I needed something for the boredom to ease.

Thought maybe, take a nature hike,

Na, I'll try the wife's new e bike.

Not trying to be soft,old school,

On an electric bike, I would surely look like a fool.

Maybe being over 70 years of age

Maybe it is time to turn the page?

Then I gave my dilemma a little thought.

Something to look at, I am not.

I decided to ride her bike to the little town of Eagle.

The place is cool, but not very regale.

I rode up to our local trail.

On my way, for an adventurous tale..

The bike path is a thing of beauty.

Not to enjoy, would be quite snooty.

The trees and farms decorate the path.

The only sounds, birds chirping, expressing their wrath.

The intruder has disrupted their daily work.

I apologized ; they knew I was a jerk.

The electric bike was unreal!!!!!!

The speed and easiness was surreal.

A rabbit challenged me to a race,

I shifted into turbo, right in her face.

No bunny could outrun such a ride,

Into the bushes she did hide.

I came upon a lady riding her horse,

She stopped and wanted to engage in discourse.

I really had nothing to say,

So I listened, then rode away.

Next came two fauns and a doe,

I wanted to visit, but they didn't think so.

The rest of my journey was quiet and nice.

The e bike was quite the device.

It allowed an old guy like me.

To get to enjoy what there is to see.

Sometimes I forget how much life has to give.

Sometimes I forget how fun it is to live.


Untitled - Jeff Tank Tankersley

My Dad “PopPop” is the coolest dude.

Always positive and never rude.

Living his life the best he can.

Helped me become an excellent man.

Taught me how to do life’s chores,

And showed me how to open doors.

I wish him a very happy Father’s Day.

As my head begins to gray\


Untitled - Kelley Weingarten

Sitting in my room with my hand on my 9

Tired of pretending that everything is fine

Longing for a place where the pain is all gone

Do it tonight, nothing changes at dawn

Loneliness and despair ever present in my head

Pain so intense. Am I better off dead?

If I can't find the tunnel, will I ever see the light?

I feel battered and beaten, left without any fight

No one will save me, I am here all alone

If I reach out for help, who will answer their phone?

I wake up each day hoping I will find my old joys

Open eyes, there's my purpose, the love of my boys.


Untitled - Mike Roche

I love this painting by Van Gogh

People thought he was crazy, as you know.

But "crazy" or being insane

Keeps the world from being mundane

This is the view from his asylum cell

Seeing "A Starry Night" suits me well.


Untitled - Sara Maier

„Alohomora“ is what I say

We open the door and go our way

To see lynx, otter and deer

At the game park they come forward - curious, no fear

She was locked down for almost 8 weeks

Tears of joy run down her cheeks

Today is her birthday, it is the tenth,

But she may not party with any friends

Being greeted by wildlife makes her smile

She hasn’t seen anyone for quite a while

We re-enter the world with wariness

Thankful for health, with cautious happiness

Still no school, no teachers, no play

Even with exit strategies it‘s still a long way

Mind the children, they‘re dragged along

No resilience, they might not last long

(We live in Germany, where zoos and wildlife parks opened yesterday as the first outdoor activities after the lock down - just in time for my daughter’s b-day)

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