MY HERO Robert Shetterly Portrait Contest Winners 2022

Students of all ages from around the world participated in the Fall 2022 Portrait Contest

Portrait Contest Winners 2022
Credit: MY HERO

Overall First Place Winner

My brother

By: Esme Tran from the United States

Pre-K Student Winner

My Dad I Love Him so Much

By: Gianna Yurisak from the United States

Early Elementary Student Winners

Superman: Zelenskyy

By: Hei Ching Iu from Hong Kong

My Hero Tia

By: Mary Frances Goldstein from the United States

My Papa & Mama

By: Loic Tim from Hong Kong

Upper Elementary Student Winner

My Grandmother

By: D. Aron Raj from India

Mahatma Gandhiji

By: D. Aron Raj from India

Middle School Student Winners


By: HYOLYNN YANG from the United States

Mother - the greatest HERO

By: Deepshikha De from India

Women Leaders for Future - First Female Prime Minister of Pakistan

By: Dua Shahid from the United States

High School Student Winners

The Legacy of Shinzo Abe

By: Annie Chen from Canada

My Papayos

By: Karla Rivas from the United States


By: Jane Rodriguez from the United States

Yu Gwan Sun

By: Hyunsuh Kang from the United States


By: Oneli Seyara from Sri Lanka

Albert Einstein

By: Hussam Hazem Al Misshal from Oman

College Student Winner


By: Elouise Derdar from the United Kingdom

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Credit: MY HERO
Credit: MY HERO

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