Literary Heroes

Harry Potter

by Tyler Madonna

Harry Potter played by Radcliffe, had a really bad summer. He lived with his Aunt Petunia played by Shaw and his Uncle Vernon Dursley Griffiths.They were really mean to him, they made Harry sleep under the stairs in a closet. He was also like their slave. Harry's Aunt and Uncle know of his magical powers but they never told him. They were receiving letters from the witches school. But Harry's Aunt and Uncle would throw them in the fire.

One day a big gaint appears at Harry's house. He came to take Harry from his Aunt and Uncle's house, and bring him to Hogwarts. The gaint then told Harry of his past and all his magical powers. They went and bought his magical things that Harry's parents left for him. He also found out that when his parents died that they left Harry with a ton of money. Then he went to the witch school and learned how to work his magic.

Harry was a big name in Hogwarts. While he was there some things happened and Harry went and fought the bad witches in the witch school.

The reason I like Harry Potter was he did what he was suppose to. He always tried to do what was right. He was a good person, and a good heart. The hole time he was trying to find who he really was, and find his past.

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